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Zombo: You Smell of Crime and I'm the Deodorant!


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Product Details:

Pages : 128 paperback

ISBN: 9781781080344

Writers: Al Ewing

Artists: Henry Flint


Life is not so good for our cadaverous champion. Although the Epsilon-6 space station has been destroyed, the zombified head of Hank Epsilon has escaped with Mr Snyde and Zombo is back in the service of The GovernmentTM, his dreams of a musical career in tatters.

To make matters worse Mr President intends on replacing Zombo with a stronger, faster, more homicidal creation – Obmoz – the reverse Zombo!

Will Zombo prevail? What’s the big deal with his bum? Can Mr President go a whole minute without sacking somebody? What is a ‘Planetronix’? Is it possible for music to save the world? I don’t know – but you can by purchasing this delectable document of wow today!


  • THE DAY ZOMBO DIED (2000 AD progs 1740-1749)
  • PLANET ZOMBO (2000 AD progs 1825-TBC)


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