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Sláine: The Brutania Chronicles Book 2: Primordial


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Product Details:

Pages: 48 - hardback

ISBN: 1904265693

Writer: Paul Cornell

Artist: D’israeli

EARTH, THE FAR FUTURE. ONLY A FEW HUNDRED HUMANS SURVIVE AND THEY WAGE A WAR AGAINST THEMSELVES, using genetically engineered plants and animals. Homo sapiens are on their way out and it looks like they’re taking the planet with them. In the chaos a crack troop of GM dinosaurs are abandoned by their creator. Rex, Forest, Aviatrix, Trike and Raptor swear their revenge on ‘Father’ and all humanity. Their journey takes them across a dying planet, seeking out the remaining human enclaves and making them… XTNCT!

Written by acclaimed Doctor Who and Robin Hood script writer Paul Cornell and featuring the striking art of D’Israeli (Scarlet Traces) this unique collection comes complete with an introduction by the author and a selection of sketches from the artist.

THIS VOLUME INCLUDES THE STORIES XTNCT (Originally published in Judge Dredd Megazine 209-214)


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