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The Complete Zenith!


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Sorry, limited edition print run sold out.

Product Details:

THE COMPLETE ZENITH Written by: Grant Morrison Art by: Steve Yeowell, M. Carmona, Jim McCarthy, Simon Coleby Pages: 480 Individually numbered with dust jacket and ribbon

The limited edition hardback book is only available from the 2000 AD online shop. Never collected in its entirety before, this is a unique opportunity to own the whole of Morrison’s first superhero series in a never-to-be-repeated format strictly restricted to 1,000 copies,

Zenith is the world’s first “Superbrat” - a vain, self-obsessed, egotistical pop singer whose only interests are girls, partying, and where he is in the charts. Yet he does not realise that there are mighty forces at work which seek to enslave the Earth - and use him to do it!

The collection features all four series, or ‘phases’, including material that has never been reprinted before, plus sketches, covers and pin-ups. The edition includes both B&W and colour work, as they appeared at their original time of printing.

The Complete Zenith includes: Phase 1: Tygers (Grant Morrison, Steve Yeowell) Phase 2: The Hollow Land (Morrison, Yeowell) Maximan (2000 AD Winter Special 1988) (Morrison, M. Carmona) Phase 3: War in Heaven (Morrison, Yeowell) Mandala: Shadows & Reflections (2000 AD Annual 1990) (Morrison, Jim McCarthy) Phase 4: Jerusalem (Grant Morrison, Steve Yeowell) (2000 AD Prog 2001) (Morrison, Yeowell) A Night 2 Remember (2000 AD 25th Anniversary, Prog 1280) (Morrison, Yeowell) Tales of the Alternative Earths (Mark Millar text story, 2000 AD Winter Special 1990)

The shop also give Zenith fans the chance to purchase exclusive Zenith T-shirts, as debuted at C2E2 in Chicago in April, as part of the build up to the reprint announcement!

Available for pre-order from: 6pm BST, 1 July 2013 (Limited to one per customer. Users must register for a 2000 AD shop account before they can order. Card payment taken on order, shipped 1st December)