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The 86ers


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Writers: Gordon Rennie, Arthur Wyatt

Artists: Simon Coleby, Karl Richardson, Paul J. Holden


The Acoma System, a Souther-held warzone in their galaxy-wide conflict with the Norts. Centred around a gas giant, its once-rich moons make it a valuable mining site, and the job of protecting the regular supply routes falls to the 86th Air Support Reconnaissance Squadron – a dumping ground for every failure and freak.

Rafe is a G.I. Doll, a genetically engineered solider sent to Acoma to join the 86ers. There she struggles to fit in with the ragtag crew of misfits and rogues. But when Rafe stumbles across a deadly secret there is more than discrimination to face, because now she is fighting for her life!

Written by Gordon Rennie (Necronauts) and Arthur Wyatt, with art by Karl Richardson (Judge Dredd) and P.J. Holden (Rogue Trooper), this pulse-pounding publication delivers a heavy dose of future Thrills!


  • ROGUE TROOPERS: ANGELS (2000AD prog 2003 TOUCHDOWN (2000AD progs 1480-1485)
  • INTERFERENCE (2000AD progs 1508-1510)
  • WALKING TO ETERNITY (2000AD prog 2007)
  • GRENDEL (2000AD progs 1544-1549)
  • UNDER PRESSURE (2000AD progs 1625-1630)


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