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Judge Dredd: Titan

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Strontium Dog: The Kreeler Conspiracy


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Writer: John Wagner

Artists: Carlos Ezquerra, James Norton



Ex-Earth President Nelson Kreelman is imprisoned on the planet Rodos for his crimes against mutant-kind. But even behind bars Kreelman is a dangerous man, for his allies are on their way to break him out. Johnny Alpha uncovers the conspiracy to unleash this genocidal dictator and, with the help of some unlikely companions, he plans to put a stop to Kreelman’s ruthless regime once and for all!

Written by John Wagner (Judge Dredd) and with art by Carlos Ezquerra (Bloody Mary) this Thrill-packed collection continues the adventures of everybody’s favourite bounty hunter.


  • THE KREELER CONSPIRACY (2000AD progs 2000, 1174-1180, 1195-1199)
  • ROADHOUSE (2000AD progs 1300-1307)
  • THE TAX DODGE (2000AD 1350-1358)


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