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Sláine: The Book of Invasions: Vol. 3
Product Details:

Book 3 in the series

Pages Pages - hardback

ISBN: 1905437307

Writer: Pat Mills

Artist: Clint Langley


SLAINE HAS RETURNED FROM THE OTHER WORLD To rescue the besieged city of Tara, the energy of the Goddess warping him as he wades into battle. The Tribes of the Earth Goddess and the Altanteans unite in an epic battle as the sea demons are driven back beneath the waves. But Lord Odacon will not surrender so easily and soon Slaine will face an even greater menace as Odacon spreads his evil once more through the Land of the Young!

This third and final volume in the Books of Invasions saga includes new art by Clint Langley (ABC Warriors) and a guide to Slaine’s world by the series creator Pat Mills (ABC Warriors, Charley’s War).


ODACON 2000AD progs 1436-1442

CARNIVAL 2000AD progs 1469-1475

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