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Sláine: Book of Invasions Vol. 1


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Product Details:

Pages: 115 - hardback

ISBN: 1904265820

Writer: Pat Mills

Artist: Clint Langley


The Sea Devils have risen against Tir Nan Og, the Land of the Young, and Sláine, once the first High King of Ireland, must protect his tribe against this new tide of evil. Leading the demons is Moloch a hideous Formorian lord, bristling with swords and driven by a perverse hunger for human suffering. Fighting alongside his warrior wife Niamh, Sláine must drive back the demons or pay a price too terrible to comprehend…

Written by 2000 AD’s creator Pat Mills (ABC Warriors, Charley’s War) this first volume in The Book of Invasions includes ten never-before-seen pages of art by Clint Langley (Nemesis The Warlock).


  • MOLOCH (2000AD progs 2003, 1322-1326)
  • GOLAMH (2000AD progs 1350-1355)


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