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Sinister Dexter: Murder 101


Print Version


Product Details:

Book 2 in the series

Pages: 160 - Paperback

ISBN: 190426526X

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artists: Simon Davis, Ian Gibson, Siku, Steve Yeowell, Julian Gibson, Paul Johnson, Robert McCallum and Alex Ronald


FINNIGAN SINISTER AND RAMONE DEXTER ARE GUNSHARKS: hired killers with chalk outlines around their souls. Need a job done? Removal? Disposal? Deletion? Call the gun-lovin' criminals! After returning from an unusually stressful vacation, the boys have killed their old boss, 'Holy' Moses Tannenbuam and helped to create a new force in Downlode's underworld: Moses's former wife, the sultry Demi Octavo. Demi's first assignment for her favorite enforcers? Teaching her younger sister Billi how to be a gunshark! Now the boys have to keep Billi in one piece and keep business running as smoothly as usual ‹ which isn't very smooth in Downlode! This all-action collection is written by Dan Abnett (Legion) and features art by Simon Davis (JLA: Riddle of the Beast), Julian Gibson (Judge Dredd), Paul Johnson (The Books of Magic), Robert McCallum (Shimura), Alex Ronald (Missionary Man), Siku (Devlin Waugh) and Steve Yeowell (The Invisibles).


Murder 101 (progs 1051-1061)

Luck of The Irish (prog 1062)

Waiting for God Knows (prog 1063)

60 Seconds (prog 1064)

The Worst Fight We Was Ever In (prog 1064)

A Brief History of Gunsharks (prog 1068)

Pedal Power (prog 1070)

Things to do in Downlode When You're Dead (prog 1071)

Long to Rain Over Us (prog 1072)

Roll With It (prog 1073)

Whack The Dinosaur (prog 1075)

Download Blues (prog 1076)

Taking the Mick (progs 1079-1082)

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