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Thrill-Power Overload: 2000 AD The First Forty Years
Ro-Busters: The Complete Nuts and Bolts - Volume 1


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Pages: 240 - Hardback

ISBN: 9781781082621

Writer: Pat Mills, Chris Lowder, Bill Henry, V Gross

Artist: Dave Gibbons, Ian Kennedy, Kevin O'Neil, Carlos Pino, Jose Luis Ferrer, Mike Dorey, Geoff Campion



SAVED FROM THE SCRAP HEAP BY BILLIONAIRE HOWARD QUARTZ, sewer droid Ro-Jaws and battle-weary war-bot Hammer-stein became part of Ro-Busters – Quartz’s international, robotic rescue squad. Plunged into situations far too dangerous for human beings to handle, the robotic duo need to maintain a 100% success rate, or face the threat of being dismantled  by the sadistic battle tank Mek-Quake!

Written by Pat Mills (The ABC Warriors) and featuring several British comic art luminaries, including Dave Gibbons (Watchmen), Ian Kennedy (Commando) and Kevin O’Neill (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), this first volume includes all of the original Starlord strips and colour spreads.



  • The North Sea Tunnel (Starlord 1)
  • The Preying Mantis (Starlord 2 - 4)
  • Midpoint (Starlord 5 - 6)
  • The Ritz Space Hotel (Starlord 7 - 12)
  • Farnborough Droid Show (Starlord 13 - 14)
  • Massacre on the Moon (Starlord 15 - 19)
  • The Tax Man Cometh! (Starlord 20 - 22)
  • Death on the Orient Express (2000 AD Progs 86 - 87)
  • Hammer-Stein's War Memoirs (2000 AD Progs 88 - 92)
  • Ro-Jaws Memoirs (2000 AD Progs 93 - 97)
  • Ro-Busters (Starlord Summer Special 1978)
  • Creator Bios
  • Gallery