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Judge Dredd: Titan

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64 pages - PaperbackISBN: 190426509XWriter: Gordon RennieArtist: Frazer Irving

WHEN THE WORLD-FAMOUS ESCAPOLOGIST Harry Houdini slips into a near-death state while practicing his act, something horrible from the boundaries of consciousness follows him back...

Now Houdini must join forces with the era's most famous aficionados of the uncanny ‹ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Fort and H.P. Lovecraft ‹ and try to defeat an evil force which wants to enslave the human race.

However, this intrepid group must not only face the enemy's terrifying agents of Earth, but also a traitor in their midst. Not to mention the dire, eldritch horrors which lurk just beyond the veil of sanity...


  • Necronauts (progs 2000, 1223-1230)

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