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Judge Anderson: The Psi Files Volume 05
Lobster Random: No Pain, No Gain


Print Version


Product Details:

Book 1 in the series

48 pages - Hardback

ISBN: 1904265634

Writer: Simon Spurrier

Artists: Carl Critchlow


LOBSTER RANDOM ‹ GM freak, mechaphile, ex-soldier, torture-for-hire and intergalactic criminal ‹ is facing execution on Death Row when he's busted out of prison by a gang of mercs with a mission. Their mysterious boss has ordered them to steal a highly prized object, and they need Random's unique interrogation techniques to get what they want.

See, Lob's an expert on pain ‹ not only is he accomplished in dishing it out, but he's been genetically engineered by the military to never feel the slightest twinge. It's a mental state that's left him hovering on the brink of psychosis ‹ and events are about to tip him over the edge...


  • Lobster Random: No Pain, No Gain (progs 1342-1349)

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