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128 pages - paperbackISBN: 1905437315Writer: John SmithArtist: Paul Marshall


THE KLASH IS THE WAR TO END ALL WARS. A conflict of intergalactic proportions, the whole quadrant is locked in stalemate between two hugely powerful rival factions – the Khmer Noir, ruled by the terminally ill Lord Qwish, and the Empire of Spinsters, half-senile fanatics headed by the Dowager Khan, who are leading a crusade against smut and indecency. Caught in the crossfire is the library world of Shibboleth, a planet which contains every book in every language ever written. The Spinsters want this hive of filth destroyed, but for Qwish it may hold the answer to his prayers!

From the unique mind of John Smith (Indigo Prime) and the pen of Paul Marshall (Judge Dredd) comes a tale of the clash of cultures and the power of language.

THIS VOLUME INCLUDES THE STORYLEATHERJACK (originally printed in 2000AD progs 1450-1467)

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