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Sláine: The Brutania Chronicles Book 2: Primordial
Judge Dredd: The Art of Kenny Who?


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The Cam Kennedy Collection

272 pages - Paperback

ISBN: 1904265898

Artist: Cam Kennedy

Writers: John Wagner, Alan Grant and Gordon Rennie


With dreams of fame and fortune Kenny Who? comes to Mega-City One, believing himself to be one of the great undiscovered artists. However, in the ruthless world of the trashzines robots have replaced human art and Kenny's hopes are dashed before him. When the robots start to copy his work though, Kenny Who? becomes a man with vengeance on his mind. Who? will show the Big Meg that you should never mess with a comic book artist!

"Part cop procedural, part noir, part political commentary, the stories of Judge Dredd are all of the highest quality and tell some of the best sci-fi fiction I have ever come across in comics." ‹ Ambush Bug, Ain't It Cool News


  • The Art of Kenny Who? (progs 477-479)
  • Beyond Our Kenny (Judge Dredd Megazine 1.01-1.03)
  • Who? Dares Wins (Judge Dredd Megazine 228-229)
  • SABs (progs 1200-1202)
  • Bad Mother (progs 2001)
  • Bodies of Evidence (progs 1234-1236)
  • Alien Wedding (prog 1241)
  • The Student Prince (prog 2002)
  • It's Deja Vu All Over Again (prog 1282-1283)
  • Block Court (prog 1284)
  • Finger of Suspicion (prog 1387)
  • Big Deal at Drekk City (prog 1400-1404)
  • The Bazooka (Judge Dredd Megazine 4.01-4.03)
  • Blackout (Judge Dredd Megazine 238-239)

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