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Judge Dredd: Day of Chaos - The Fourth Faction
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192 pages - paperback ISBN: 9781781081082

Writer: John Wagner Artists: Ben Willsher, Staz Johnson, Colin MacNeil, Henry Flint


With the much-loved mayor of Mega-City One presumed dead by the citizens, an election has been scheduled to choose his successor. Cadet Judge Hennessey has predicted that something terrible will happen on the Election Day and she may be right. East-Meg assassin Nadia has arrived in the Big Meg, carrying a deadly weapon that could destroy everything!

This game-changing beginning to the biggest Judge Dredd story ever written, has been produced by comics’ legend and Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner (A History of Violence, Button Man), and features the incredible artwork of Staz Johnson (Detective Comics, Catwoman), Henry Flint (Zombo, Shakara), Colin MacNeil (Song of the Surfer, Insurrection) and Ben Willsher (Lenny Zero). THIS VOLUME INCLUDES THE STORIES

THE SKINNING ROOM (2000 AD progs 1700-1704) HOT NIGHT IN 95 (JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINES 307-310) THE FURTHER DASTERDLY DEEDS OF PJ MAYBE (2000 AD progs 1740-1742) DAY OF CHAOS: NADIA (2000 AD progs 1743-1749) DAY OF CHAOS: THE FOURTH FACTION (2000 AD progs 1750-1751) DAY OF CHAOS: ELUSIVE (2000 AD progs 1753-1758)


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