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Savage: Invasion!


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Product Details:

Pages: 256  - paperback

ISBN: 1905437269

Writers: Pat Mills, Gerry Finley-Day, Nick Flynn, Chris Lowder

Artists: Jesus Blasco, Pat Wright, Sarompas, Ian Kennedy, Mike Dorey, Carlos Pino, Eric Bradbury, Luis Collado, Cam Kennedy


A FIFTY-MEGATON BOMB HITS THE MIDLANDS, deadly paratroopers descend from the skies, politicians are hung from lampposts in Parliament Square and the Royal Family flee to exile in Canada. This is the Volgan invasion of Britain and soon this once mighty land lies in anguish under the boot-heel of tyranny. But one man will make a stand. Lorry driver Bill Savage returns to London to find that a stray shell has destroyed his family home, killing his wife and kids. Grabbing his trusty shooter he swears vengeance against the Volgs and leads the resistance. The war may be over for Britain, but for Bill Savage it has only just begun!

Created by Pat Mills (Slaine) and co-scripted with Gerry Finley-Day (Rogue Trooper) amongst others, Invasion! is classic 2000 AD.


  • THE RESISTANCE (2000AD progs 1-5)
  • WEMBLEY (2000AD prog 6)
  • TRAIN STORY (2000AD prog 7)
  • CONCORDE (2000AD prog 8)
  • SHIPS (2000AD prog 9)
  • DARTMOOR 2000AD progs 10-11)
  • DEATHLINE (2000AD prog 12)
  • THE DOOMSDALE SCENARIO (2000AD progs 13-15)
  • BOUNTY HUNTER (2000AD Prog 16)
  • SLAVES (2000AD Prog 17)
  • BREAKOUT (2000AD Prog 18)
  • THE ROAD TO HELL (2000AD Prog 19)
  • HELL’S ANGELS (2000AD Prog 20)
  • SANDRINGHAM (2000AD Prog 21)
  • CHEDDAR GORGE (2000AD Prog 22)
  • TYNE TUNNEL (2000AD Prog 23)
  • HADRIAN’S WALL (2000AD Prog 24)
  • BATHTUB (2000AD Prog 25)
  • BLUEBIRD (2000AD Prog 26)
  • DIRTY JOCKS (2000AD progs 27-31)
  • VOLGESS (2000AD Progs 32-33)
  • COLLABORATOR (2000AD Prog 34)
  • NEW RECRUITS (2000AD Prog 35)
  • JUMP JET (2000AD Prog 36)
  • THE PRINCE (2000AD progs 37-44)
  • THE RETURN OF ROSA (2000AD Prog 45)
  • ESCAPE FROM LIVERPOOL (2000AD Prog 47-51)


  • Introduction By Pat Mills
  • Bonus Story
  • Author Biographies