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Greysuit: Project Monarch


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Product Details:

Pages: 128 - paperback

ISBN: 9781907519826

Writer: Pat Mills

Artist: John Higgins


The equivalent of the USA’s Men in Black, the covert operatives known as Greysuits enforce the British government’s interests in the world’s most dangerous places. Specially conditioned to have heightened strength and senses, Greysuits are the most deadly secret agents alive. John Blake is amongst the best of these ‘Delta Class’ assassins, but now his programming is breaking down and his masters want him dead... This high-octane, action-packed thriller is brought to you by industry legends Pat Mills (Sláine, Charley’s War, Marshal Law) and John Higgins (Watchmen, Judge Dredd, Hellblazer).


  • PROJECT MONARCH (2000AD progs 1540-1549)
  • THE OLD MAN OF THE MOUNTAINS (2000AD progs 20009-1617-1624)


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