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Galactic Thrill Sale


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56 pages - HardbackISBN: 1904265715Writer: Rob WilliamsArtist: Simon Fraser


Odysseus City, the near future. The Family runs things around here, but they aren't your average mobsters. They are a select cadre, bonded by blood, whose powers extend way beyond the usual.

When OCPD cop, Kurt, gets involved with the bosses' daughter he sees a way to bring about the downfall of the crime lords. However, somebody else has the same idea. Somebody who should have died over twenty years ago.

Writer Rob Williams (Asylum) and artist Simon Fraser (Nikolai Dante) bring a breath of fresh air to the gangster tale in this exciting story of super powers, loyalty and revenge.

THIS VOLUME FEATURES THE STORIESFamily (Judge Dredd Megazine 201-207)

Plus! Rob Williams original pitch Simon Frazer Sketchbook Author Biographies