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Halloween Price Slice
Digital Thirteen


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Product Details:

Pages: 92  - paperback

Writer: Mike Carey

Artist: Andy Clarke



WHEN JOE BULMER, A LONDON PUNK WITH MILD TELEKINETIC POWERS, discovers a mysterious black pearl which increase his abilities to unbelievable levels, he thinks he's struck it rich. But he soon discovers that a terrifying race of alien shape-shifters wants it too! Now, with the help of Daksha, a beautiful Asian telepath and Aden, a mysterious alien warrior, Joe must fight to save the pearl from forces who would use it to destroy the Earth! This action-packed story is brought to you by the red-hot creator Mike Cary (Hellblazer, Lucifer) with art by 2000 AD sensation Andy Clarke (Snow/Tiger, Sinister Dexter)!


Thirteen (progs 1289-1299)

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