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Digital Nikolai Dante: Hell and High Water


Digital Version


CBZ & PDF formats

Product Details:

Book 6 in the series

Pages: 208 - paperback

ISBN: 9781905437597

Writer: Rob Morrison

Artists: Steve Fraser, John Burns


It is the year 2671 and war has torn Russia apart. The Romanovs lie defeated, Tsarist death squads roam the streets and Nikolai Dante has a price on his head. But it isn’t long before Dante returns to his old drinking and womanising ways, attracting the attention of many who would claim the bounty for his apprehension.

Russia’s greatest love machine won’t be caught so easily, however, and teams up with an old flame to plan the heist of the century!

Written by Robbie Morrison (The Authority) with art by Dante regulars Simon Fraser (Richard Matheson’s Hell House) and John Burns (Judge Dredd) Hell and High Water continues the adventures of everybody’s favourite gentleman thief!

This volume includes the stories:

THE RETURN OF THE GENTLEMAN THIEF (2000AD progs 2002,12731274)

THE ROMANOV JOB (2000AD progs 1280-1287)

HELL AND HIGH WATER (2000AD progs 1322-1328)

THE SEA FALCON (2000AD prog 2004)

AGENT OF DESTRUCTION (2000AD progs 2005, 1420-1427)

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