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Digital Judge Dredd: The Hunting Party


Digital Version


CBZ & PDF formats

Product Details:

160 pages - paperback

ISBN: 190426591X

Writer: John Wagner

Artists: Henry Flint, Sean Phillips, Trevor Harsine, Calum Alexander Watt, Jason Brashill, David Bircham


With a hunger for human flesh the Dune Sharks came out of the Cursed Earth and went into a feeding frenzy on the streets of Mega-City One. Now Dredd has gathered together a team of cadet Judges to track down the source of this alien menace. Along the way they will come face-to-face with cannibals, a rip in the fabric of time, a bizarre spider-cult, a child militia and an awesome secret going back to the days of Chief Judge McGruder! John Wagner (A History of Violence) has penned another classic Dredd epic featuring, amongst others, the art of Henry Flint (Judge Dredd: Total War), Sean Phillips (Marvel Zombies), Trevor Hairsine (Captain America) and Jason Brashill (The Batman/Judge Dredd Files).


THE PACK (2000AD progs 1014-1016)

THE HUNTING PARTY (2000AD prog 1033)

LOST IN AMERICANA (2000AD progs 1034-1036)

FOG ON THE EERIE (2000AD progs 1037-1040)

DANCE OF THE SPIDER QUEEN (2000AD progs 1041-1044)

CAMP DEMENTO (2000AD progs 1045-1046)

SHARK COUNTRY (2000AD progs 1047-1048)

TRAIL OF THE MAN-EATERS (2000AD progs 1048-1049)


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