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Digital Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 25


Digital Version


CBZ & PDF formats

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Pages: 320 - paperback

ISBN: 9781781083314

Writers: John Wagner, John Smith, Marc Wigmore, Robbie Morrison, Paul Neal

Artists: Alex Ronald, Carlos Ezquerra, Lee Sullivan, Greg Staples, Simon Davis, Peter Doherty, Tom Carney, Trevor Hairsine, Henry Flint, Paul Marshall, Marc Wigmore, Jason Brashill, Paul Peart



MEGA-CITY ONE – A NIGHTMARISH ENCLOSURE LOCATED ALONG THE EASTERN SEABOARD OF NORTH AMERICA. Only the Judges – powerful law enforcers supporting the despotic Justice Department – can stop total anarchy running rife on the crime-ridden streets. Toughest of them all is Judge Dredd – he is the law and these are his stories...

Judge Death and his foul cadre of henchmen, The Dark Judges, escape custody, forcing Dredd to follow them back to Deadworld, where he has to confront not one, but two versions of the evil superfiend!  And one of the most illustrious Chief Judges finally meet their end out in the harsh wilderness known as the Cursed Earth.

With stories by Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner (Strontium Dog) and art from such luminaries as Trevor Hairsine (Captain America) and Greg Staples (Dark Justice), Case Files 25 is essential reading!


THIS VOLUME INCLUDES THE STORIES FROM: 2000 AD Progs 984-1028 AND THE Judge Dredd Megazine Issues 3.16-3.18


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