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Digital Button Man: The Killing Game


Digital Version


CBZ & PDF formats

Product Details:

Pages: 96 - Paperback

ISBN: 978-1905437191

Writer: John Wagner

Artist: Arthur Ranson


A former soldier, he left the military to offer his services as a mercenary in various Third World engagements, But soldiers-for-hire were a dying breed and the work was drying up. So Harry returned to England, and civvy street.

Until a friend tells him about THE KILLING GAME

Modern-day gladiatorial contests - man against man, usually to the death. A game of murder played for high stakes. The games are arranged by mysterious backers known as the 'Voices'; disembodied voices on the other end of a telephone, telling you where to go to, who to meet. A player can either become very rich or very dead, very quickly.

Harry decides to become a player. A BUTTON MAN.

For a professional killer like Harry, the rewards are plentiful ‹ but once the game begins, will he be able to walk away?

Button Man: The Killing Game © John Wagner & Arthur Ranson


Button Man: The Killing Game (progs 780-791)

Plus! Forewords by John Wagner & Arthur Ranson