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Carver Hale: Twisting the Knife


Print Version


Product Details:

44 pages - Hardback

ISBN: 1904265626

Writer: Mike Carey

Artists: Mike Perkins, Dylan Teague


'Carver' Hale was an enforcer, working for one of London's top gangsters... until the day when a rival boss and his soldiers walked through a hail of bullets to assassinate both Hale and his employer. That should have been the end of him; little did he realise that it was only the beginning!

Now Carver must enter a world he had never imagined ‹ where 'the underworld' means exactly that, and hellish creatures struggle for power and money in the back-streets of London ‹ in search of the men who tried to kill him, and left him bonded for life to a powerful demon with its own agenda for his body.

Carver Hale's out for vengeance... and there's going to be Hell to pay!


Carver Hale: Twisting the Knife (progs 1336-1240, 1247-1249)

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