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2000 AD Presents: Sci-Fi Thrillers


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Product Details:

Pages: 288 - paperback

ISBN: 9781781081723

Writers: Pat Mills, Jim Watson, Alan Grant, Alan Hebden, Grant Morrison, Alan McKenzie, Peter Milligan, Dave Stone, Rob Williams, Paul Cornell, John Wagner

Artists: Carlos Trigo, Montero, Jim Watson,Massimo Belardinelli, Jesus Redondo, Ian Gibson, Mike Dorey, Steve Dillon, John Ridgway, Will Simpson, Tony Wright, Henry Flint, Simon Fraser, D’Israeli



Since 1977, 2000 AD has created literally hundreds of memorable comicbook characters and worlds. From alien invasions to man-hating dinosaurs, this bumper-sized anthology features a truly zarjaz collection stories that have entertained loyal Squaxx throughout the years.

This mighty tome includes work from such industry legends as Pat Mills (Marshal Law), Ian Gibson (The Ballad of Halo Jones), Grant Morrison (Batman Incorporated), Will Simpson (Vamps), Peter Milligan (X-Statix) and Paul Cornell (Dr. Who) amongst many others.



THE VISIBLE MAN (2000 AD progs 47-52)

COLONY EARTH (2000 AD progs 52-61)

HOMER THE BARBARIAN (2000 AD prog 296)

THE PIONEER (2000 AD prog 302)

THE AMAZING MAZE DUMOIR (2000 AD progs 368-369)

PSI-TESTERS (2000 AD progs 408-409)

DANGER:GENIUS AT WORK (2000 AD prog 479)

CANDY THE CATCHMAN (2000 AD prog 491)

UNIVERSAL SOLDIER (2000 AD progs 537-543)

TRIBAL MEMORIES (2000 AD progs 585-588)

LIFE CYCLE (2000 AD Winter Special 1995)

FAMILY (Judge Dredd Megazines 201-207)

XTNCT (Judge Dredd Megazines 209-214)

SUPERBEAN (2000 AD prog 245)



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